My start in academia began in 2009. Why academia? I enjoyed learning. With that one insight about myself, I knew that I could make a positive contribution to education. So I started teaching in Miami. Teaching a multicultural classroom has challenges but also adds a depth to the learning experience that has no comparison. It took me a couple of years – and it’s still a work in progress – but I have found my voice as educator. I believe that an education happens when you build a community that includes students and professionals.

PORTFOLIO This is a 6 credit studio class that takes 3 quarters to complete and it all culminates with a printed and digital portfolio.


STUDENT  Samantha Villavicencio
Portfolio focused on art direction

STUDENT  Samantha Galvez
Portfolio focused on advertising

CAPSTONE Also known as thesis or senior project, this is a nine-credit course that takes three quarters to develop and it all culminates with a printed plan book and a presentation in front of a department’s committee. Students develop a marketing plan with clear objectives for a real life situation that can be improved through a combination of advertising, branding and PR.


STUDENT  Shanni Levy
#UntilWeFindTheCure is the ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) Association campaign to support the research program to find a cure by getting additional 10 million dollar funding from the government. (You may remember the 2014 Facebook Ice Bucket Challenge.)

STUDENT  Yara Nagro
Campaign to create a women-only professional exchange between U.S. and the Middle East through internships and sponsoring opportunities.

BRANDING This is a 3 credit studio class in which students learn about branding strategies and develop a campaign (positioning and/or branding) for a new or “dying” brand.

STUDENT  Noel Santos
App to locate all your favorite food trucks.

STUDENT  Daniela Ballesteros
Re-positioning campaign that includes re-branding of a kids apparel company.

ADVERTISING DESIGN This is a 3 credit studio class in which students learn seven advertising techniques and develop an IMC using one of them. The focus of the class is the execution of ideas and methods to create organic original campaigns.


STUDENTS  Jimmy Kalman, Patricia Tomada and Stephanny Martínez.
Promotional campaign for Colgate Optic White using composition technique, the whole is perceived before the details.

STUDENTS  Lauren Konopacki and Dapo Espada
Campaign to promote Minute Rice :60 new product using typography as the main visual element.